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What We Are Working On Right Now:

Dark Brew Quarterly
A quarterly web magazine about film

Untitled Eric Swartz and Wes Brewer Film
*Filming March
*Est. Release Date: April

Untitled Neo-Slasher Wes Brewer Film
*Filming April
*Est. Release Date: May

Untitled Wes Brewer Film
*Filming May/June
*Est. Release Date: June

In Development

Lied To
A Scientist is framed for the theft of a virus sample, leaving him in a cloud of doubt and fear.
Thriller | Featurette | Length: ~1 hour

A man struggles to keep a grip on reality while shifting seamlessly from one conversation to the next.
Thriller | Short Film | Length: ~20 minutes

Rob and the Zombies (Working Title)
Rob wakes up in a zombie apocalypse and struggles to understand what's going on as he drifts through the disaster.
Comedy | Animated Web Series | Number of Episodes: 6 | Episode Length: ~3 Minutes
Looking for animators! Contact us, if you are interested.

A Dawg's Dog (Working Title)
Best friends, and gangster canines, Ralf and Woody, offend, devastate, and harm others as they pave their own way through life.
Comedy | Animated Short Film
Looking for animators! Contact us, if you are interested.

Ready For Production / On Hold

Finding Silence
Craig's finds himself fighting with his subconscious as he tries talking out his issues with others.
Thriller | Short Film | Length: 5 page script