About Us

Dark Brew Films is a label (or brand), located in the Bay Area in Northern California, used to create and promote familiarity. We focus on short film production (with "low-to-no" budgets and the showcasing of people's works and ideas.

Who We Are:

Wes Brewer

Wes is the founder of Dark Brew Films. Wes writes, directs, produces, and provides executive and administrative duties.

Some People We Work With:

Luc Londe

Luc focuses on post-production. He knows After Effects, Photoshop, Premier, Mocha, and some others; he likes editing, special effects, titles, and general filmmaking.
Site Link: Omnable

Chuck Starzenski

Chuck enjoys the entire filmmaking progress. His stories tend to cover 'uncomfortable' topics with a comedic approach. "Cover Your Eyes Entertainment, a multimedia service specializing in the highest and lowest quality of entertainment."
Site Link: Cover Your Eyes Entertainment

Jessica Salgado

Jess is passionate and great to work with; she likes documentaries the most, but enjoys all kinds of filmmaking.

Wilson McCourtney

Eric Swartz

Taylor Green