About Us

Common Question: What is Dark Brew Films?

Dark Brew Films is officially a label that is used to promote familiarity and branding. We focus on production, collaboration, and the showcasing of filmmakers and their ideas.

We are located in the Bay Area in Northern California; we make movies. More specifically, we make low to no budget films and generally include restrictions to the film making and/or writing process. We believe that good writing, planning, creativity, collaboration, and purpose are the keys to creating insightful art that both an audience and artist can appreciate.

Who We Are

Wes Brewer

Wes is the founder of Dark Brew Films. Wes writes, directs, produces, and provides executive and administrative duties as well. Wes prefers films that interact with the viewer while providing a sense of purpose.

Some People We Work With

Luc Londe

Luc focuses on post-production. He knows After Effects, Photoshop, Premier, Mocha, and some others; he likes editing, special effects, titles, and general filmmaking.
Site Link: Omnable

Chuck Starzenski

Chuck enjoys the entire filmmaking progress. His stories tend to cover 'uncomfortable' topics with a comedic approach. "Cover Your Eyes Entertainment, a multimedia service specializing in the highest and lowest quality of entertainment."
Site Link: Cover Your Eyes Entertainment

Jessica Salgado

Jess is passionate and great to work with; she likes documentaries the most, but enjoys all kinds of filmmaking.

Taylor Green

Taylor is a writer and filmmaker.