Our Films

Bellow are our favorite projects, in reverse chronological order.

Mental Noise

Run Time: 3m48s
The Challenge: Although not originally intended, this project became an editing challenge.
Completion: June 2013


Run Time: 10m36s
The Challenge: This short was made to push the boundaries of artistic vision; the concept was to have two parallel stories, presented non-linearly, with noticeably different styles and directors.
Completion: Feb 2013

For My Brother

Run Time: 3m55s
The Challenge: This short was made as an entry to San Francisco State University's Film Club's (Cinema Collective) 2012 horror contest. The contest requirements were as follows: shorts must be under 4 minutes, shorts must be horror, must be completed one week after receiving requirements, and each person who entered received two requirements that had to be embedded into the film (ours were "clowns" and "lipstick").
Completion: Oct 2012

Theater Experience

Run Time: 1m23s
The Purpose: This project was made as a bumper for Film Fest Petaluma 2012.
Completion: Jan 2012
*Selected and used for promotion.

Daylight Murder

Run Time: 2m51s
The Challenge: Use two super 8mm film rolls to film, one B&W and one Color. Regardless of how they turn out, that's all you get to edit, and you have to use both the color and B&W film in the short.
Completion: Apr 2010